Delivery And Refund / Returns

If you started accessing our website, we would presume that you have accepted all the terms and conditions, including cookies and confidentiality policy. Please note that this website’s continuous use will be considered the deemed acceptance to the website’s policies. All the terms and conditions of this site are subject to change. We will notify our users about these changes by publishing them on the home page of our website. However, we will not be solemnly responsible if you are not aware of those changes.

Terms and conditions for some crucial matters that are necessary to run our business are as follows:

Sharing personal data

We don’t ask our users to share their personal information. However, if any minor visits our site, we ask them to create an account on the website because we have to share the content accordingly.

Creating account

You don’t need to create an account to access the content and download it unless it is confidential. To access the hidden content, you have to create an account on the website.

Posting data on the website

You can post the relevant content on our website, provided that it should be plagiarism-free.

Delivery of the products

We deliver our products to customers by offering them delivery via various modes. We also offer free delivery on certain products. We use several overnight delivery options to make fast delivery of the product.

Refund of the payment

If you don’t receive your order within two or three days of payment, you are eligible to request for refund. However, you can’t get a refund of payment if,

● You have changed your residential address.
● You provided us the wrong information.
● We have delivered the product, but you were not there to claim your parcel.

Cancellation of order

In case you don’t want the product anymore and want to cancel your order, you have to do it within three hours of the payment. Canceling an order after that will not make you eligible for a refund.

Ineffective products

We are the best online pharmacy store that strives its best to severe their customer with the best quality of products, but in case you found in deficit in our services, you can request a refund of payment on the same day or a day after that.


You could request the product’s Reshipment if you faced any delay in the service or have received a damaged product.

Infringement of copyrights

Copyright infringement with data available on the site is strictly prohibited.


The website visitors should understand that it contains information regarding the health conditions, suitable medications, pharmaceutical methods, and related services. If you resonate with the website’s symptoms, please consult your doctor and ask for medical help.
We would not be responsible if you took a drug based on the website’s information, irrespective of the intake consequences.